Kristin Marie Sabrioski

Kristin of Klayaes.

YCC 80: Kristin Marie Selena was born from her surrogate-mother Alaya Selena under patronage and supervision from the Sabrioski family on Saisio V, in the province of Klayaes. Kristin Marie of the house Sabrioski was entered into the Caldari State Preparatory School for Children at the age of two, having been genetically augmented to become to become a destined capsuleer. At the age of 14 she boarded an intrasystem shuttle headed for a station in Saisio to start accommodating life to beyond terra firma.

YCC 108: Kristin Marie Sabrioski graduated with honors in Todaki from the School of Applied Knowledge at the age of 28. Her journey as a capsuleer was about to begin.