Numbers flew past her head as the implant in the base of her skull gave a tugging pull towards consciousness. Kristin rose her unaware as a voice crackled through the interface in front of her.

“Ma’am, Ma’am, are you still there? … I have to apologize for the delay, I believe I may have been disconnected. I have been attempting to contact you for the last forty five…”

“It’s okay Trina. It’s my end. I fell asleep.”

A gushing sigh of relief was heard as Trina regained composure. “Oh my goodness, that’s a relief! I mean. Okay so back to the task at hand. Monthly income statements have come in from across the sector and I have good news to report. Industrial sector finances have brought in a record 50 billion kredits this month, accounting for 20% of revenue.”

Kristin sighed as the report came in, watching as the droids fluttered around her hands changing the color and design of her finger nails as she mentally conjured their instructions.

“Market sector finances have had accrued 198 billion kredits this month, accounting for 78% of total revenue. A no small feat I might add. As the head of finances I have to congratulate our division on outstanding work.”

“What do you want to hear this time Trina?”

“What? Nothing ma’am, I was just comm…”

“You are doing fine Trina, relax. I’m already perfectly aware of our finances. I just wanted to check up on how you’re doing and to get some input on our direction.”


“I’m going to move our pilots out of null security space soon. We need a break from all of this.”

“You want to know if we can handle it? Keep in mind that you’ve added several new pilots to the pay roll.”

“Sisters, Trina.”

“Right, I’m just trying to stay professional for the logs. With the addition of several new pilots and the expansion in industry and trade…. I believe we can shoulder the expenses, however the organization’s ‘front’ has been negative for the last few months.”

“How much and why?”

“It’s consuming about a billion a month. They haven’t been producing anything as you’ve elevated most of our sisters into capsuleers. They aren’t heading the centers for research as they used to.”

“Get Gianna and Hannah on the line Trina, I thought they had this under control.”

“Right away ma’am.”


Kristin: Agonist

An agonist is a chemical that binds to a receptor and activates the receptor to produce a biological response.

She couldn’t sleep. Living life away from the State has brought on this lethargy within her, quite ironically preventing any meaningful will to be disciplined with her sleep schedule. In her bed, staring up at the ceiling with a Gallentean Battleship manual kept open on her duvet. Perhaps it brought on some comfort, considering she’s read through it several times. But it’s not like it was relevant, sitting across from her was a vial of fluid that would be used in conjunction with the cerebrospinal and neural implants she possessed in her current person. She felt a sort of apathy about it. Why?

She tilted her head back. Maybe it was time for another simulation.

Maybe Olena is right, and I’m just addicted to this simulacrum. In a different world, I’m a a teacher who’s goal is to take care of children and enjoy her ironic vintage furniture and window shop at rustic shops. Kristin opened her eyes, and the cold world around her. Multitudes of wealth at her finger tips and all she could think about were lesson plans and what wine would pair nicely with the dinner she was planning.

Timeline: Kristin Sabrioski (Work in Progress)


YCC80-85: Born as Kristin Marie Selena from her surrogate-mother Alaya Selena under patronage and supervision from the Sabrioski family, in Saisio V.  Kristin Marie of the house Sabrioski was entered into the Caldari State Preparatory School for Children at the age of two, having been genetically augmented to become a destined capsuleer.

YCC86-91: The Caldari State Preparatory School taught her fundamental skills and Kristin excelled at the following courses: Calculus for Engineers, Micro and Macro Economics, as well as Advanced Biochemistry.  Kristin Marie Selena graduated from the Caldari State Preparatory School for Children with honors and was accepted into the Todaki School of Applied Knowledge at the age of seventeen. At the age of 14, she boarded a intra-system shuttle headed for a station in Saisio to start accommodating to life beyond terra firma.

YCC108: Kristin Marie Selena graduated with honors in Todaki from the School of Applied Knowledge at the age of 28. On December 28th YCC108, Kristin Marie Selena died, as part of her capsuleer arrangement. 

YCC108: On December 28th YCC108, Kristin Marie Sabrioski was born, complete with a set of memories of a past life and a new body and mind streamlined to perfection.


I haven’t thought much about how I would die, but now that I’m living through dying, I thought I’d spare a prose on its meaning to me. It feels like burning. There is no seeing your life flash before your eyes when it happens, just rapid decomposition of neural tissue. Some say the procedure is too aggressive, but we’re not meant to remember it. I’m not sure if it was two seconds too early or two seconds too late, but all I know is someone like us died. Sisters… Ever since then we’ve passed this hidden truth through our ranks: we’re not the same, no matter how much you try to compare us.

We’re just sisters, catering to an unknown consciousness understanding that we are only a page in a novel we will never fully comprehend.

To those before me, I do not blame you. To those ahead of me, I ask your forgiveness.

Kristin Sabrioski, Clone #576