Kristin: Agonist

An agonist is a chemical that binds to a receptor and activates the receptor to produce a biological response.

She couldn’t sleep. Living life away from the State has brought on this lethargy within her, quite ironically preventing any meaningful will to be disciplined with her sleep schedule. In her bed, staring up at the ceiling with a Gallentean Battleship manual kept open on her duvet. Perhaps it brought on some comfort, considering she’s read through it several times. But it’s not like it was relevant, sitting across from her was a vial of fluid that would be used in conjunction with the cerebrospinal and neural implants she possessed in her current person. She felt a sort of apathy about it. Why?

She tilted her head back. Maybe it was time for another simulation.

Maybe Olena is right, and I’m just addicted to this simulacrum. In a different world, I’m a a teacher who’s goal is to take care of children and enjoy her ironic vintage furniture and window shop at rustic shops. Kristin opened her eyes, and the cold world around her. Multitudes of wealth at her finger tips and all she could think about were lesson plans and what wine would pair nicely with the dinner she was planning.


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