Dual Carrier Ratting Guide

Dual Carrier Ratting Guide:


With the requirement of having capital capable alts as well as capital capable mains, you should be able to be within reach or beyond a ratting carrier. The method that I am about to describe was what I used a few months ago to achieve the same isk ticks (every 20 minutes) as a ratting super carrier. Of course there is the caveat of the fighter changes, however what this is going to address is how to maximize alpha and dps while on field using two carriers with the tandem method. This guide is not meant for people starting out but food for thought for people who want to make their method more efficient and safer.


All the standard precautions apply, you absolutely need scouts or in lieu of that, people you can rely on to provide adequate and punctual intel in adjacent systems. But a good corp mate is vastly subpar to having your own set of eyes in the system next door.


Your Safe-Out: This should be addressed even before you purchase your ratting carrier, as knowing where your safe-locations is necessary. Common sense rules apply, do not warp to a station because it may be bubbled, do not warp to an Astrahaus because you cannot dock, and do not warp straight to a citadel in the off chance there is a bubble in line. The best way is to…


Identify Planet Clusters. In every system the anomalies spawn within a few AU of the nearest planet. Go into your Solar System Browser if you want proof of this. The best protocol, if you have the rights to of course, is to have a safe pos with bookmarks (that are between 5km from the stick and 5km from the edge of the shields so you land squarely in open space, preventing bumping) at every planet cluster. Why is this necessary? When you warp into an anomaly you will find that sometimes the structures of the complex are in your align path. The obstruction is magnified if you decide to warp in closer. Having multiple Safe-Outs are necessary if you always want a safe pos to warp to.


I mentioned the necessity of scout alts, and I will briefly go over how even if you have all of these things you can still die in a fire thanks to a sabre logged off in system. A logged off sabre may be perched near your safe out to bubble before you are able to initiate warp and trap you outside the shields.  If you do not have eyes in all adjacent systems, you do not 100% know if your hostile has left the system if you see him leave local. Your scout should be cloaky on the other side of the gate to verify that the target has warped off.



Reviewing the fit:


The fit is a standard Nidhoggur. The preference is because of the speed of the fighters and using the orbit function on your carrier’s fighters and the prioritization of smaller vessels that are able to track them well, will allow your fighters to survive much longer. In essence their being able to move is paramount to your success. Tank is an afterthought, especially after the changes. If the fighters are receiving more aggression it stands to reason that they will be shooting at you less. There is a heavy emphasis on fighter speed, tracking, and warp speed for this fit.


Tracking is absolutely required for the fighters to apply to smaller targets. However when using Einherji II’s know that the orbit radius that the fighters have is actually outside of their optimal. By using one optimal range script and one tracking speed script, one you are mitigating the effects of stacking penalties but also you are enabling your fighters to hit at regular orbit.


Warp speed is absolutely necessary to ratting and without Hyperspatial modifiers you will be accelerating and decelerating incredibly slowly. This is also crucial to your safety as being able to exit warp quickly so you can realign to your safe-out. The only vulnerable window a carrier should be is when you are warping to your next anomaly before you are able to align out. The reason for not using Hyperspatial Rigs and instead using Capital DDE’s is that with the Mid-Grade Ascendancies and the Accelerator you are already reaching 2.62 AU/sec.


And using this chart pulled off of EVE-Uni, you will see that you will land within a minute with a distance of 50 AU. This distance is much larger than most systems in insmother.



                                                        Warp Speed (AU/s)
 Distance     1.36     1.50     2.00     2.20     2.50     2.75     3.00     3.30     4.50     5.00     5.50     6.00     8.00
   150 KM       22       20       16       14       13       12       11       10        8        7        7        6        6
 1e+06 KM       48       44       33       30       27       25       23       21       16       14       13       12       11
     1 AU       63       57       43       40       35       32       29       27       20       18       17       15       14
     2 AU       65       59       45       41       36       33       30       28       21       19       17       16       15
     5 AU       67       61       47       43       38       34       32       29       22       19       18       16       15
    10 AU       71       65       49       45       40       36       33       30       23       20       19       17       16
    20 AU       78       71       54       49       44       40       37       33       25       22       21       19       17
    50 AU      100       91       69       63       56       51       47       43       32       28       26       24       21
   100 AU      137      125       94       86       76       69       63       58       43       38       35       32       27
   200 AU      211      191      144      131      116      105       97       88       65       58       53       49       40



Passive, not active. Yes, you can activate the shield booster in warp. However with running the NSA and outputting sufficient DPS you will be annihilating waves very quickly. One more module to micro-manage is more effort and is unnecessary when the only buttons that you need to be hitting is CTRL+Click (to target), F1, and F3.


Wait a second, you don’t have a cyno! How am I going to get rescued if I don’t have a cyno!?

Frankly having a cyno on your carrier is absolutely pointless. Even if you light and are able to bridge reinforcements your butt is still going to be sat there for 10 minutes. And if you haven’t been on any of our operations lately, you will know that any competent group will drop a cyno-inhib, preventing you from doing just that. Do you remember the scout that I mentioned earlier? Yeah, the one that’s sitting several thousand kilometers on a personal ping above the gate in the adjacent system? Yes that one. That scout will also be equipped with a payload of liquid ozone and a cyno. If all your precautions fail and an interceptor is able to land tackle despite being aware of hostile presence your scout which you should not place in any fleet prior for any reason, is going to join the reinforcement fleet to provide an easy in. Whether that is on a warp in on your carrier or 250km off the cyno inhib or in the system next door because your particular system is out of range. It died? Well get another one. Have a stack of disposable cyno frigs everywhere.


[Nidhoggur, Nidhoggur]


Federation Navy Drone Damage Amplifier

Federation Navy Drone Damage Amplifier

Federation Navy Drone Damage Amplifier

Federation Navy Drone Damage Amplifier

Prototype Hyperspatial Accelerator


Drone Navigation Computer II

Drone Navigation Computer II

Pith X-Type Explosive Deflection Field

Capital Shield Extender II

Omnidirectional Tracking Link II

Omnidirectional Tracking Link II


Fighter Support Unit II

Fighter Support Unit II

Fighter Support Unit II

Fighter Support Unit II

Networked Sensor Array


Capital Core Defense Field Extender II

Capital Drone Durability Enhancer II

Capital Drone Durability Enhancer II



Einherji II x9

Einherji II x9

Einherji II x9



Mid-grade Ascendancy Alpha

Mid-grade Ascendancy Beta

Mid-grade Ascendancy Gamma

Mid-grade Ascendancy Delta

Mid-grade Ascendancy Epsilon

Eifyr and Co. ‘Rogue’ Warp Drive Speed WS-615



Nanite Repair Paste x170

Optimal Range Script x1

Tracking Speed Script x1





First accept that ratting as an activity requires a lot of micromanagement.


Note that for this method you are not going to “conserve” missiles. You will hit F1 and F3 and apply for maximum dps. Remember, that one payload of missiles is equal to applying them to half of the spawn of a haven or sanctum. So using two carriers you are able to unleash all missiles at all times.


Also note that when you are going to a ring sanctum to abuse marquee-lock. Do this by holding down the left mouse button and the CTRL button and dragging across the section of the screen where the hostiles are. It will lock all of them (sometimes including large collidable structures, but you can easily untarget these)


Also note that you are going to be perma-running your NSA. You are not active so you do not actively need your capacitor. Both methods (active/passive) are going to drain your capacitor past jump capability so throw that out. You should be clearing each wave within 1 minute.




Warp both carriers to a single anomaly. Engage Hardeners/Links.


On Land, align both carriers out to your safe out.

Marquee-Lock the first wave.


Carrier 1: Fighters engage Battleships, using all three salvos per target.

Carrier 2: Fighters engage Battlecruisers and below, conserving salvos.

During engagement: use dscan to find your next anomaly.


Right before Carrier 1 runs out of missiles, Carrier 1 align to your second anomaly.

Recall fighters when empty, on Carrier 1 Fighters land, engage warp to second anomaly.

Carrier 2: Fighters engage Cruisers and below first, then use all three salvos per battleship target.


Carrier 1 should finish reload of fighters while in warp to the second anomaly.

Carrier 1 Lands at second anomaly, aligns to safe out

Carrier 1: Fighters engage Battlecruisers and below, using all three salvos per target.

Carrier 2: Fighters finishing off final wave and starting align to second anomaly.


Carrier 1 finishes half of second anomaly

Carrier 2 finishes first anomaly

Carrier 1 engages warp to third anomaly, reloads fighters

Carrier 2 engages warp to fourth anomaly, reloads fighters


Carrier 1 Lands at third anomaly, aligns to safe out.

Carrier 2 Lands at second anomaly, aligns to safe out.

Carrier 1 Fighters engage Cruisers and below first, then use all three salvos per battleship target

Carrier 2 Fighters engage Cruisers and below first, then use all three salvos per battleship target.


Carrier 1 aligns to fourth anomaly

Carrier 2 aligns to third anomaly


And so forth.


The method worked for me very well and losing fighters was never a concern. However with the changes, maximizing their HP and their speed will contribute to their survivability even more. The takeaways from this method is one: Conserve your APM and use Full DPS by using all missiles while reloading in warp and Have a scout/cyno alt at all times (Hey, this is actually also useful in pvp! Put a Jump Clone for the scout alt in staging so you can use it up here too!).


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